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Pago Lucones Rosado 2000 (Robust Fruity Red Wine) - Spain

Produced from the Tempranillo grape by extracting a portion of the drained must early in the fermentation process. Ideal as am aperitif and to accompany entrees, cold meats and game. Light cherry colored wine of a fruity bouquet (morello cherries and traditional cherries) and with a fresh, fleshy, ample mouth.

Rioja Baron De Ley Reserva 1997 - Spain

Clear and bright to the eye, with a lovely cherry red colour of medium intensity. Around the edges it still shows hues of red to ruby colour. On the nose intense aromas, initially predominated by tertiary aromas, fruit of its bottle ageing. When the wine is swirled in the glass, it opens up and the ripe fruit aromas of the variety and vinification process appear, in perfect harmony, with those of the cask ageing in noble wood: spices, vanilla and toasted aromas. In the mouth, after a smooth attack the wine quickly spreads a range of taste sensations around the mouth, revealing good backbone, perfectly balanced with tannin from good ageing and the right amount of acidity. The finish is long and persistent, prolonging the balanced sensations. The retronasal sensation brings back the hints of fruit and cask.

Lezcano Lacalle DO Cigales 1999 - Spain

It shows an intense depth of garnet colour. On the nose it displays ripe fruit and roast hints, coffee beans and soft vanilla prevailing its creamy bouquet. A dense and delightful mouth with enhanced tannins, this wine is long and provides spicy reminiscence on the palate. It leaves a soft and black fruits background with liquorice aromas. After 4 years in bottle, LEZCANO-LACALLE usually develops into balsamic tones. Optimal serving temperature: 18 C. This is the perfect wine to accompany stews, wing and furred game, red meat and cured cheeses.

Lezcano Lacalle Reserva Cigales 1998 - Spain

D comes from a high-class family. Wine of cult. It is only made in exceptional years. With a very intense garnet cherry colour, this wine features ripe fruit, roasting, balsamic and mineral notes, liquorice and undergrowth. It is luscious, lively, and the acidity (supplied by the Cabernet Sauvignon variety) enhances the fruit aromas. Frank, firm and complex wine. A wine to lie down. It evolves favourably in 8 years. Optimal serving temperature: 18 C. Good companion for roast meats, stews and big game.

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